Nomadic SUP Team and Family


Nomadic SUP Key West was established in 2013 and is the premier Stand Up Paddleboard tour company in Key West and the lower Florida Keys. We specialize in Eco Tours which are both fun and informative. Our tours offer professional instruction that ensures new and experienced paddlers will safely be able to enjoy the sport of SUP in the pristine eco systems surrounding Key West.

We are Nomadic SUP because we are constantly discovering the best locations for our paddleboard expeditions. 

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“Highlight of our Key West Vacation”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed April 2017
Being able to escape the crowds and see a beautiful habitat while in Florida was such an amazing experience. Cody and Ryan were not only great stand-up paddle board instructors (we went from novices to feeling comfortable in one afternoon), but they taught us so much about the ecosystem we navigated. Nomadic is a labor of love for these guys, and you can tell because the joy they take in showing you the Florida Keys is infectious. We can’t think of any activity we can recommend more highly then spending some time with Nomadic SUP during your vacation - you won’t regret it!